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nail fungus

What Is Nail Fungus?

Officially, this disease is called onychomycosis – a fungal nail infection. In 60-70% of cases, it is caused by a special dermatophytes fungus, it is less common for infections with mold and yeast mushrooms.

To live, multiply and grow, dermatophytes need the protein keratin. Must Try This Product called Kerassentials Buy Online

That is why these mushrooms live in the corn layer of the nail plate, hair and skin – where keratin is produced.

Usually, the fungus starts to develop from the bottom of the nail. The tip of the nail gradually changes color: becomes yellow, light brown or milky.

If there is no treatment, the infection spreads to the sprinklers. Fungus can start on the surface of the side of the pimple.

The white surface is still on the surface. Externally, it looks like a white or soft spot on the surface of the nail. It spreads from the center to the edge, if the disease is not treated; it covers the entire nail plate.

Occasionally, proximal onychomosis is encountered – it strikes the nail in the cuticle and root zone. It usually occurs in people with weak immunity.

When the acne is completely destroyed by the fungus, such a state is called general dystrophic onychomosis. Outwardly, the nail looks terrible: it is thick, ribbed and an unpleasant dark color.

Causes Of The Incident

Nail fungus is a very common disease. Onychomycosis usually accounts for 50-60% of all nail problems. I don’t know where my fungi themselves came from, but how they bring doctors to infect.

Contact with an infected surface: Pathogens fungi are very fond of moisture, and therefore live in wet rooms – baths or pools.

Sometimes the fungus is brought from beauty salons after a manicure or pedicure as a bonus: only one micropore and poorly processed tools – and that’s all, here the disease is like here.

Another fungus can be found if you place the shoe after the sick person on the boss.

Insepass Infection: The fungus is highly contagious. If one of the household is sick, onychomycosis can be transmitted to the rest of the family members.

If you use single slippers, you use single slippers on all, shared washcloths or showers.

However, the fungus can also be transmitted through carpets, which is why it is so important for a person with sick nails to follow the rules of hygiene.

Poor Hygiene: If a person washes his feet badly, cuts into the nails at that time, rarely changes the socks, it will be easier to pick up the fungus.

Closed shoes: This is another factor that increases the risk of this disease. When we wear close-fitting shoes, the blood supply to the foot and the root of the nail is interrupted.

Only one can develop – a condition, acne just like the outside of the fungus and it is often combined for it.

Some Occupations: Nail fungus is more common in people of certain professions – housekeepers, cooks, cleaners, car workers.

They are often in contact with wet surfaces, wear rubber shoes and rubber gloves, use chemicals that soften the nail plate. And fungi all love it very much and are actively growing in such conditions.

The risk of infection with diseases increases, because the immune system is weakened.

Fungus is more common in people who suffer from varicose veins, diabetes, inflammatory bowel diseases or friendly neoplasms.

Back to the risk group smokers and obese people. Increased sweating – hyperhidrosis – also contributes to the reproduction of mushrooms.

Fungus is usually seen in people aged 30 years and above, especially in the elderly. Children are often sick and respond better to local treatment: they have a thin nail plate, and the nail itself will grow faster. The less prolonged the exposure to the drug, the faster the effect in children.

It Is Possible To Get A Fungal Infection In The Pool

It is really easy for acne fungus to enter rooms with high humidity and where there are many people. This is due to the fact that the nail plates soften quickly, besides, the fungus actively multiplies itself in such an environment.

To protect your nail browse kerassentials customer reviews, you must wear footwear, wash your feet thoroughly and disinfect them – there is often a shower or bath with special solutions in front of the entrance to the pool room.

It is important to use only your towels and in no case wear one’s shoes.

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